Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The truth about burgerworld

A few years ago I was a manager of one of the many burger world branches throughout America.
I was sent on a trip to China to see if the Chinese branches were up to scratch and while I was there I learnt that about 20% of the things we ship to china are recycled and exported out again.
Because China has human rights issues it can recycled these products with the least expenses, giving China more income, so it can buy more and more plastic and glass items- making it an even bigger economic power house.
Thousands of sweat-shop workers have died because of the terrible and unsafe condition they are forced into to recycled their resources.
The other 80% stays in China taking up a lot of space, forcing people away from their homes and killing native species.
By supporting Burgerworld you are; costing your country money, a poor mans life, forcing people to flee their homes, helping global warming along, making an economic powerhouse bigger, and eating unhealthily.

This is another part of my school globalization project.


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MrWoody said...

excellent work, mechboy/burger buy. this is a splendid addition to an already impressive assignment.
well done!